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How to choose the perfect gift?
There are 4 main things to think about when choosing the perfect gift. Here is a quick run through.

1. When do you need the gift?

This is very important and often over looked as the internet makes everything seem within reach. Always ensure you need enough time for delivery, especially if you are ordering internationally. Always ask for a tracking number and track it to make sure its on its way (top tip: look at Royal Mails tracking site for easy tracking).

2. What is your budget?

When choosing a gift ensure you are realistic about your budget, this saves time as you do not look at a ‘amazing perfect gift’ you simply cannot afford. Remember it is not all about how much you spend, it is the thought that counts.

3. What is the occasion?

Do not forget you are buying a gift for an occasion, is the gift appropriate and a good idea! For example if it is a wedding gift have you checked to see if the couple has a wedding gift list? If it is a Christening gift is it a keepsake? (Top tip: Use a site that matches the occasion for example for best man gifts  look at ido.co.uk )

4. What does the recipient like?

After you have thought about the above 3 do not forget to ask yourself will the recipient actually like it? For example a personalized bottle of champagne is not a good gift for a couple who do not drink alcohol.